January 2012

31 Jan

Law Advice: Resolving Issues with Foreclosure Sales on Current Rental Properties

In these times of economic turmoil, many who have the liquidity to do so have chosen to invest their money in buying property at foreclosure sales. While these properties may end up being a good investment over time, potential buyers need to understand that these properties often come with additional...

31 Jan

Transferring Utility Service

When it comes to contacting utility companies to transfer services into the name of the home owner on their behalf, Dominion Virginia Power is one of the easiest and quickest companies. By following the five steps below, this process is usually completed within 24 hours.  Scan a copy of the property management...

15 Jan

What to expect when inspecting! Home Inspections 2.0

Most professional property managers have been in this situation.  The phone rings:  "Hi, it's Bart.  The owner of 123 Main St.  I will be in town on Saturday, February 25 and would love to see my rental property you currently manage.  Can you please advise the tenants and meet me there?" ...