Spring Time – Rent Time! 5 Easy Steps To Get Your Property Ready For The Rental Market!

27 Feb Spring Time – Rent Time! 5 Easy Steps To Get Your Property Ready For The Rental Market!

First impressions are everything!  We make decisions on first impressions all the time.  Was the sales person smiling when you entered the store?  Did the barista at the local coffee shop wish you a “Good Morning”?  Did the home you were interested in seeing this past weekend and are contemplating buying look clean and fresh?  There is only one chance to make a first impression.  Don’t miss out on it!

Here are 5 easy steps can enhance the showability of your property for prospective tenants and assist with the marketability of your property. 

  1. Great curb appeal is priceless! Have your lawn cut and shrubs trimmed.  Clear debris and leaves of your lawn and around the perimeter of the house.  Put down mulch and plant seasonal flowers.  Clean any outside light-fixtures and replace bulbs.  Paint the front door if needed. 
  2. Make sure all your windows are cleaned, blinds and shades are open and all interior light-fixtures are clean and bulbs are replaced and working.  Bright and sunny homes seem friendly and inviting; they also can make rooms look larger!
  3. Have your kitchen dazzle!  Yes, I said dazzle.  Kitchens are very important to today’s renter.  Some claim to make a decision on the home they rent entirely by the look of the kitchen.  So, clean and polish your appliances and make sure they are working.  Clear your counter space and organize pantries and cabinets.  Run a lemon through the garbage disposal in the morning to eliminate odors.  Place some fresh flowers on the table.
  4. Before we place a home on the market, we give owners a to-do-list of minor repairs.  These include: tightening loose door and closet knobs, replace torn screens, repair any leaky faucets, clean around your washer and dryer, replace broken tiles and re-caulk all bathtubs.
  5. Possible renters will tour your entire home, so make sure every room is in great condition.  Your bedrooms should be organized with beds made.  If you have children, organize their toys and put away their clothes.  Your bathrooms should be clean with shiny and polished fixtures and no knick-knacks around.  Use air fresheners for a clean and crisp smell.

 As always, our experienced property management team might assist with other items that need to be addressed prior to listing your property for rent but the above list will certainly give you a head start!

Happy Renting!

Katja Hom
Katja Hom
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