Cost Effective Tips to Brighten Up an Older Rental Property

01 Feb Cost Effective Tips to Brighten Up an Older Rental Property

Like many Landlords your rental property may be an older home. While older homes have character and charm, sometimes they can seem dated to potential tenants. To avoid having that issue here are a few tips to add a little spark to that older home with some inexpensive updates that will entice future tenants.

  • Resurfacing and adding new hardware can work wonders to liven up old, tired looking cabinets in the kitchen . It’s a lot less expensive than replacing cabinetry and will give new life to otherwise solid pieces. While you’re at it take a look at your backsplash, does the tile look old? Do you even have a backsplash? Adding or replacing tile is both simple and cost effective. Most home improvement stores have a variety of tiles to choose from, many in the $1 – $2 range.  
  • Spruce up a dated bathroom by adding new lighting fixtures, an updated vanity and medicine cabinet, and re-grout the tiles.
  • Throughout the house replace old overhead light fixtures with new fixtures and bulbs. New lighting fixtures and bulbs can provide a lot of pizzazz for little investment.
  • For carpeted areas with hardwood flooring beneath put in a bit of effort to remove the carpeting and refinish the hardwood. Nothing is as inviting and pleasing to the eye as rich looking hardwood floors.

With a small investment of time and effort these cost effective improvements can bring big bang for the buck and breathe new life into an old home!

Jennifer Vollmer
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