10 Jun How to Avoid Headaches and Find the Perfect Rental

I love the month of June. It stands for so many things…beginning of summer, end of another school year, vacations, sun, summer romance, and the busy rental season.

Last night my neighbor chased me down the street as I was walking my dog; her daughter and four of her best friends are looking for a rental. She asked if I could talk to her daughter and maybe even assist. Within five minutes I found myself in their front yard surrounded by Caroline and her friends picking my brain on how to go about finding the perfect rental. I realized immediately that they would really benefit from working with a realtor who could guide them through the process. They were not aware that this is a free service through Avery-Hess and could potentially safe them a lot of headaches and time. They told me how they had started their research online through Craigslist. According to Caroline “we found a couple of nice places but one landlord told us they were not interested in renting to a bunch of single, females and the next house was nothing like the ad promised.” I cringed. Mainly because I hear that often. Too often. Unlike Realtor® listings that are syndicated via MRIS to consumer websites such as Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, which have to follow Fair Housing guidelines, Craigslist does not require that from individuals, and they are not governed under the Realtor® Code of Ethics.

Avery-Hess could help protect people like my neighbor’s daughter who went to look at a five bedroom house of which two bedrooms were windowless tiny rooms in the basement (and therefore don’t qualify as legal bedrooms). When working with a Realtor® they will be able to guide you regarding pricing on rentals, provide you with updated listing information, and can assist with negotiating lease terms. Realtors® are housing experts and their service can be invaluable when trying to find your next home or to assist with renting your home. They can help provide the lease, run a background check on applicants, ensure a walk-through prior to having tenants move-in, and assist with any work that might need to be done on the house to get it ready for a tenant.

About twice a week I get calls from landlords who are currently handling their own rental property but are facing issues such as late or no rent payment, damage to the house, a tenant who is unresponsive and uncooperative…and now they need help. Of course we help them (and no, I don’t hold a grudge against them simply because they only consulted with us in time of need). Most of those landlords turn into true believers on letting a housing expert handle their rental from now on and, in return, provide suitable housing options for people like Caroline and her friends.

So next time you are looking for a rental or need to have your home rented, contact your local Avery-Hess Realtor® for a consultation and get the expertise you deserve!

Katja Hom
Katja Hom
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