Tenant FAQ

  1. When is my rent due?
  • Rent is due on the 1st of each month and considered late on the 5th after 5:00 p.m. if you live in Virginia and is late on the 10th after 5:00pm if you live in Maryland or Washington, D.C. We give those few extra days to you just in case the mail is running late, but remember, if we receive your rent check on the 6th, it’s not one day late it’s six days late.
  1. Who do I call if there is a problem?
  • Contact your Property Manager, Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. till 5:30 p.m. for any emergencies or problems. Barbara Radvanyi: 703-448-0485 ext.115, Tina DuBrule: 703-448-0485 ext.116, Jen Vollmer: 703-448-0485 ext.117, Erica Higgins: 540-631-9009, David Smith: 540-273-0129 or Danny Warren: 202-330-9090. For emergencies (weekends or evenings) dial: 703-448-0485 ext.302. And please EMERGENCIES ONLY.
  1. Why the periodic inspections?
  • They are for everyone’s protection. We’re looking for little problems that can grow into big issues if not caught in time. Good examples of little problems would be wood rot or a slow leak under a sink that if not repaired can cause more extensive damage over time.
  1. What do I have to do to the property?
  • Treat it as if it were your own: Keep it clean, don’t abuse the equipment, replace expendable items such as light bulbs, batteries, filters, fuses etc as needed, keep drains running freely, maintain the lawn and gutters, keep the tubs and showers caulked, report needed repairs promptly and be there for the appointment, keep the house rid of all pests, do not let pipes freeze, if animals are permitted – keep them under control, repair damage caused by guests or family members and remove any decorating you’ve done when you vacate.
  1. Can I run a home business out of the property?
  • Only with written permission from the owner.
  1. I’ve got good friends who are handy around the house; can I get them to make repairs?
  • No. We have licensed approved contractors who are bonded and insured.
  1. Can I have repairs done myself and just take it off the rent?
  • No. If you do, you will be responsible for those repairs and all cost associated with such repairs.
  1. We’re roommates. Can we each pay our share with a separate check?
  • No, the rent is to be paid by one check. Also, please remember, each one of you is liable for the entire rent.
  1. If we want to stay another year what do we do?
  • We will contact you approximately 60 days from the end of your lease to ask your intentions. Just let us know, in writing, if you wish to stay. We then go to the owner for his/her permission to continue renting the property.
  1. How do I get my deposit back?
  • You’ll get your deposit back by returning the property to us in the condition you received it. We will send move-out instructions. Deposits are usually returned within 30-45 days, depending on the jurisdiction where the property is located.
  1. Do you keep keys in the office in case we lock ourselves out?
  • No. You’ll need to call a locksmith. We recommend you get an extra set made to keep on hand. We do have extra keys for emergencies but we cannot check them out to you.
  1. Can I let others move in to help on the rent?
  • Not without the owners permission. If the owner does approve a sublet situation a complete rental application must be submitted, processed and approved on any potential roommate.
  1. Can I cancel the utilities if I move out prior to my lease expiration?
  • No. You are responsible for all utilities until the end of your lease. You will be charged for any damage that might occur to the property caused by the lack of this necessity.