small-quote2-rightI wish to pass on my critique of the agency and particularly Josie McCormick. She has been most instrumental in negotiating the extension of our lease on the property and the request we made for repairs etc to the house. Her attentiveness and professionalism in all matters has been most impressive and as well as carrying out her duties, she is a very pleasant person. I would thoroughly recommend her and of course the agency to anyone.small-quote2-right– Joyce M.


small-quote2-rightI just wanted to send a quick review of Josie McCormick. We are tenants in the Carlyle House in Arlington for the past 2 years. She recently joined Avery Hess and has been a real dream to work with. She is so quick to respond to any inquiry. She has a wonderful, positive attitude. I’m so happy Josie is on board and hope that we’ll get to work with her far into the future.small-quote2-right– Aseel E.


small-quote2-rightLesley was great in helping us in such a timely manner. Her immediate response via email and phone call in the wee hours of the morning is what you want from a property manager. She was quick and got the issue resolved. Team Lesley!small-quote2-right– Steven W.


small-quote2-rightExcellent response time by Leslie Morse, who has given me creative, expert advice regarding lease terms, plus thoughtful, pleasant communications with my tenant. I also want to commend the office support staff, which quickly returns call, provides me with documents when I need them, and keeps the wheels in the bus. I would recommend Leslie and Avery Hess to anyone who wants trouble-free rental income.small-quote2-right– Diane R.


small-quote2-rightI have trusted Avery Hess for 10yrs to manage my 2 Virginia properties. I reside out of state. Specifically, Valerie Reid is to be commended on the exemplary service she has provided to ensure my satisfaction. Thank you Avery Hess and a huge thanks to Valerie.small-quote2-right– Phyllis F.


small-quote2-rightAHR Management has two staff worthy of special recognition: Georgie Canyon (Property Manager) and Ingrid Myers (Realtor). Georgie managed my Prince William County property for 5 years: she was proactive, professional, and friendly – a real pleasure to work with. Ingrid sold this same property this month to just the right buyer: she was patient, professional, and resilient in working out the details — a valuable ally in my court. Thanks to both of them for all their efforts!small-quote2-right– Carol B.


small-quote2-rightAfter interviewing several property managers, we went with Georgie Canyon to manage our property in Virginia. She was exactly what you’d want in a property manager — experienced, hard working, and proactive. Unless it was necessary for a large expense, I never had to worry about the day to day problems that come up when working with tenants because all of it was handled. Overall it was a fantastic experience and I would gladly work with her again and recommend her to anyone who needs a good property manager.small-quote2-right– Brad B.

small-quote2-rightMy experience with Avery-Hess for the past eight months has been exceptional. When I have requested assistance from my agent, for any issues around the house, the response time has been phenomenal. Avery-Hess has been wonderful and courteous without hesitation to take a phone call from me or respond to one of my many emails. I highly recommend Avery-Hess.small-quote2-right– Christine H.

small-quote2-rightAvery-Hess, Realtors industry knowledge and property management technical skills, dedication, and attention to detail have effectively met my property management needs for over thirteen years. It is reassuring to know that AHR has professionals on staff whose commitment to meeting client’s needs is so very apparent. AHR offers best value and peace of mind!small-quote2-right– Rakesh S.

small-quote2-rightWe really like the prompt responses from Avery-Hess Property Management, even though we are on the other side of the world it is comforting to know that you are there for us.small-quote2-right– Oguz U.

small-quote2-rightAvery-Hess is the best property management company I’ve ever used. I think that’s because of the terrific staff. They are very professional and knowledgeable, respond quickly, and are always pleasant and friendly. I wouldn’t think of using anyone else.small-quote2-right– Sue B.

small-quote2-rightValerie was our second Property Manager for the home we leased. The first manager clearly missed the mark on her duties and we were gifted Valerie. She was a light in a dark space. Any time something went wrong, which rarely happened, she was there to help us out. She made sure we were on the same page as to what was expected of us as tenants, and she was a great communicator between us and the home owners. We always felt like she had our best interest at heart and defended our rights as tenants. We are very grateful that Valerie was assigned to our property and will definitely seek her out if we move back to the Fredericksburg area.small-quote2-right– Kaelynn H.