Rental Applications

18 Jan Rental Applications

When submitting a rental application to be processed, there are 5 key things that would expedite the entire application process and not keep your clients waiting for a response.

  1. Provide the application fee of $40 per adult applicant (and, yes, this includes all persons listed on the application over the age of 18 that are independent).
  2. Make sure the applicant’s social security number and date of birth are provided and legible.
  3. If the current landlord’s fax number or email is provided, this makes it quicker in sending the rental verification form out to be completed.
  4. Providing copies of two most recent pay stubs is the fastest way to verify the employment/income of the applicant.
  5. If pay stubs are not provided, then the current employer’s fax number or email should be provided in order to send employment verification forms for completion.

Unless your broker has their own rental application form you are required to use, please have your clients complete the standard NVAR form, which can be found at

If the above-mentioned items are provided, you are almost guaranteed to receive results within 24 hours or less. This process of course gets delayed if the provided application is either not fully completed, illegible or has vital information missing.

Nushin Sullivan
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