Make Moving a Breeze with These Tips and Tricks!


14 Mar Make Moving a Breeze with These Tips and Tricks!

We’ve all been there – packing up box after box, stressing over our incompetent labeling system, lugging our precious goods from place to place. All of that in addition to the discomfort of moving to a new home in a single day can be overwhelming. There comes a point in the process where it all makes sense: It’s time to call in the professionals.

Town and Country Movers make that step incredibly easy. Two of their estimators sat down with AveryHess, Realtors to talk about just how easy they can make the otherwise stressful moving process.

As their motto aptly describes, “Moving is Great with Missy and Kate.” Missy and Kate have an incredibly interesting job – they go into peoples’ homes and estimate how much it will cost for Town and Country to move their possessions. They give a range of estimates, from “full service” to “basic moving.”

Full-service moving includes Town and Country doing just about everything you don’t want to do yourself. Their well-trained team pack your belongings, label them depending on what room they belong in, and transport them to your new home. They even unpack everything and won’t stop until each object is exactly where you want it in your new home.

Basic moving is a little less intensive but still incredibly helpful. Instead of packing all of your belongings for you, you’ll pack yourself and Town and Country will

As Missy and Kate describe, you can actually save money (and time and stress!) by hiring professional movers. Depending on how much you want to move, you are not only saving the hassle and time it would normally take to move your own things. You could actually be saving money since you won’t be renting a truck, buying boxes, paying for equipment, and buying your helpful friends dinner. You never know how much the total for each option is going to be until you look into it!

For more information, listen to our upcoming podcast on The Real Estation! And to find out just how great moving is with Missy and Kate, use the following:

Missy Jamieson and Kate Hougen

Town and Country Movers, Inc.

Direct line:  703-216-2451


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